Recently in the news two individuals tested positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) after receiving a “Vampire Facial”.  This event is chilling and preventable.  We are deeply troubled to see individuals practicing outside their scope of practice and training.

Patient unsuspectingly place themselves at risk at the hands of individuals who are not trained, licensed or certified.


Every day we draw blood and process specimens for both medical and aesthetic use.  This is typically done in a medical setting such as physicians offices, medical spas, urgent care and other medical facilities. Sterile and clean techniques must always be used to ensure patient safety and minimize any risk to patients.

In this case, it is evident that clean sterile techniques were not used nor performed.


Dr. Johnson and Dr. Smith were both trained and certified by Dr. Charles Runnels at the Cellular Medicine Association in “Vampire Facial” and other procedures using Platelet rich plasma (PRP) techniques.


Each blood collection tube used Is from a single Pure Spin PRP FDA approved collection kit.  In addition, our micro-needling device is The Skin Pen which is the only single use FDA approved device on the market.  Further we break new device seals and process specimen in the presence of the patient.


We pride ourselves in training, certification and patient safety.  We will NEVER compromise patient safety to save money.  You can also read abourt my medical training and experience on my home page



How do you advocate for yourself?

1.    Ask if your provider is using FDA approved devices and processes

2.    Ask to see a new the sealed device before it is opened in your presence.


 See link for further information on Vampire Facial  training




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